Extremity Treatment

Extremity Chiropractic Care

At Ciarrocca Chiropractic Center, we provide holistic chiropractic care that is personalized for your specific needs. This includes treatment for the extremities of the arms, legs, hands, and feet. Whenever your musculoskeletal system is out of alignment, it can lead to inflammation and irritation on the surrounding nerves and muscles. Learn how we can treat extremity pain with chiropractic care. Your Westfield chiropractor can help treat your elbow pain, wrist pain, knee pain, and ankle pain.


About Extremity Pain and Numbness

When you have inflammation or out of alignment in your skeletal system, it forces the bones to press against tissue where it should not. Here in the tissue, you have nerve endings and muscle fibers that become irritated and inflamed due to this issue. As a result, you have painful swelling, which we can resolve here at Ciarrocca Chiropractic Center.

Swollen and inflamed tissue causes undue pressure against your nerves and blood vessels. This prevents circulation from allowing your body to receive the right signals. When this happens, you can experience numbness, pain, tenderness, pins-and-needles, or other uncomfortable sensations. Some individuals suffer from a loss of mobility caused by this condition.

Treating Extremity Conditions

With chiropractic care, we are able to treat your extremity conditions without surgery or drugs. This allows you to repair your musculoskeletal system with a safe and effective method. There is no downtime when you get chiropractic adjustments including spinal decompression for extremity conditions. This means you can get right back to work or play after your therapy at Ciarrocca Chiropractic Center.

Meanwhile, we also offer manual chiropractic adjustments, especially for extremities. Our chiropractic extremity adjustments are ideally suited for ankle, wrist, knee, and elbow adjustments. This way you can realign your joints and limbs for proper functioning. Help to avoid extremity injuries and joint pain with routine chiropractic adjustments.

Sports Injury and Extremity Treatment

We also offer sports chiropractic care for individuals who have experienced a sports injury, such as traumatic injuries, slip and fall injuries, or concussions. Our treatment for a muscle sprain, torn ligaments, and other muscle injuries is also well received by athletes interested in non-invasive drug-free solutions. Our chiropractic doctor and a team of professionals will also provide you with nutritional and lifestyle advice. This will help you choose the right activities, exercises, and foods to improve your functioning. Our Westfield chiropractor will also be able to help alleviate your elbow pain, wrist pain, knee pain, and ankle pain.

Choose Our Westfield Chiropractor for Care

Here at Ciarrocca Chiropractic Center, we offer comprehensive chiropractic care for all residents in the Westfield area! We are a family-friendly chiropractor ready to assist your entire family with pain relief and improved musculoskeletal function. Contact our office at 908-654-0566 to schedule your appointment for extremity chiropractic care today.

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