Shoulder Pain

Your Healthy Shoulder

Your chiropractor can make a treatment plan to meet your needs. Work with your chiropractor to help relieve your shoulder pain and keep it from coming back.

What You Can Do

Exercise can help ease shoulder pain and increase range of motion (how far you can move your arm). To start, try the pendulum exercise. Lean on a table or sturdy chair. Bend your knees slightly, and let the injured arm hang limp and relaxed. Slowly swing the arm in small circles. Continue for 30 seconds, then change the direction of the circles.

Caring for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the body’s most flexible joint. It allows a wide range of movements, such as reaching and throwing. Because it is used often, the shoulder is prone to injury. Muscles, tendons, or other parts of the shoulder can be torn, swollen, or irritated. This can cause shoulder pain and movement problems. Shoulder pain can also be caused by the strain of repeated movements, such as reaching overhead. Other causes include certain sports activities, arthritis, and neck problems. Chiropractic care can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and restore movement.

Your Chiropractic Evaluation

You’re asked about your symptoms, past injuries or treatments, and overall health. You’re also asked about your daily life. This includes work habits, hobbies, and exercise.

Physical Exam

Your chiropractor examines you. He or she may check the range of motion of your shoulders and how far you can raise your arms.

Other Tests

You may have x-rays or an MRI scan. These tests help show the condition of your shoulder joint.

Your Treatment Plan

Your chiropractor creates a plan to care for your shoulder pain. This likely includes a hands-on technique called manipulation. Other treatment methods also help. In addition, you’re taught ways to help relieve pain and protect your shoulder.shoulder-4-thumb


Manipulation (also called adjustment) improves Manipulation (also called adjustment) helps improve alignment and flexibility in the spine and joints. During manipulation, your chiropractor carefully applies pressure to affected areas. Shoulder pain may be treated with manipulation of the shoulder, neck, or upper back.

Other Treatments
Your chiropractor may suggest other treatments. These can help reduce pain by relaxing muscles and reducing swelling. They include:
  • Trigger point therapy to ease muscle tension.
  • Ultrasound to reduce muscle spasm, relax muscles, and improve blood flow.
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
  • Ice to reduce swelling and heat to relax muscles.

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