Ciarrocca Chiropractic Center Can Relieve Your TMJ

TMJ – also known in medicine as temporomandibular joint syndrome – is a chronic condition that can cause headaches and jaw pain. It often responds to chiropractic adjustment. If you suffer from this problem and reside in the Westfield area, visit your chiropractor at Ciarrocca Chiropractic Center. We can provide high-quality care and alleviate the pain from this condition.


What is TMJ?

TMJ affects the connecting joint between the skull and the jaw. This hinge joint is what allows your jaw to open, close, and slide back and forth. The joint itself can become misaligned and the connective tissues – muscles, ligaments, and tendons – become inflamed and painful. Finding the cause of TMJ symptoms can be difficult in some cases, as the pain may radiate to places other than the jaw.

Common Causes of TMJ

As with many other musculoskeletal issues, an injury such as an impact to the jaw can cause TMJ. If you have malocclusion of the teeth – an incorrect bite – it can result in TMJ. Clenching or grinding the teeth, which is known as bruxism, can wear down your teeth and result in symptoms. Over time, these conditions can result in osteoarthritis of the joint and make symptoms worse. The final cause of TMJ is dysfunction in the trigeminal nerve that controls sensation and movement in the face. This can result from misalignment in the spine rather than the jaw.

Symptoms of TMJ

The symptoms of TMJ can vary considerably from one person to the next. Some people only have one of the following symptoms, while others may have all of them. TMJ symptoms can include:

  • Difficulty in opening the mouth
  • Pain or difficulty chewing
  • Symptoms similar to a toothache
  • Clicking, popping or crunching noises when the joint moves
  • Ringing, buzzing or other noises in the ears
  • Pain and inflammation in the joint itself
  • Headaches

How Chiropractic Adjustment Can Help TMJ

In cases where the primary problem is a misalignment of the joint, the chiropractor can use the hands or hand-held tools to restore proper alignment. This is also true of TMJ that results from a cervical vertebra misalignment. Massage helps loosen tense muscle and relieve stress. If you eat inflammatory foods, we can provide nutritional counseling. We may also recommend home-care strategies such as the application of heat or ice, relaxation techniques, and jaw exercises.

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